Corporate Stays at The Inns at 8th and Main

Innkeeper Amy

Miba Sinter has taken several opportunities for guests to stay at the Inns at 8th and Main over the past couple years. Amy, Dan and Inn staff go above and beyond to provide a welcoming environment for our guests. They are always well taken care of and always have great things to say about their stay. As a result, many of them often request to book a stay with them on their returning visits. And from a business stand point, we experience the same. Customer service that makes us feel at ease when our guests are in town.

Dedra Parsons, Human Capital Business Partner

Since opening in 2020, the Inns at 8th and Main has served business travelers for long and short-term lodging needs. The surprise need for business accommodations pushed us to expand a year earlier. With that expansion, we created our extended stay suites at the Morris House; however, all of our suites are suitable for business travel.

Dan and I are past expert business travelers ourselves. We know what business travelers want and provide all that and more; we created our rooms with all the amenities we enjoyed while traveling.

Traveling to a new city for business can be stressful, but we can help ease the stress. You deserve to be comfortable and relaxed as you travel for business.

We are within 2-3 blocks of walking distance of downtown restaurants and shops. Why travel 45 minutes to an impersonal hotel when you can get a luxury experience with us right here in McConnelsville?

Breakfast service is as early as 7:30 AM. Not only is a from-scratch breakfast included with the cost of your room, but you'll also receive personalized service, unlike what you'd find at a hotel. We can also easily accommodate extra guests for an early morning breakfast meeting.

The Inn can efficiently serve as your boardroom for an important meeting. There is complimentary Wi-Fi access throughout (including sleeping accommodations), and each room has a suitable workspace. We also understand the need to allow flexible times for check-in and check-out due to travel accommodations.

We are happy to assist you in making your business trip to Morgan County successful and memorable. Email or call for special corporate rates.

Dan and I are confident that you will enjoy the private, spacious atmosphere surrounded by luxury here at the Inns at 8th and Main.

After all, we are a place to enjoy and feel at home.


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