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Misty Bragg, Guest Blogger

We have a special guest writer today, Misty Bragg, owner of Home + Brew by Misdiy, our favorite local coffee and lucnh shop. Misty shares her thoughts on why small businesses are important to our communities. As small business owners ourselves, we fully agree with her sentiments. Let's celebrate and support the small businesses around us, especially during the holiday season.

Take it away Misty!

When I think of a thriving community, I think of one that has a great collection of small businesses, where neighbors are friends, everyone knows your name, Friday night football is a thing, and there are events happening at least once a month! When I think of our small town, we are just that!

During the month of November, we have a special day on the calendar where we get to celebrate our small businesses. Small Business Saturday is a day that is set aside to celebrate and support the small businesses in our local and surrounding communities. Small businesses are such an essential part to every community, they really are the backbone to any great town.

Our town of McConnelsville has grown so much in the area of small businesses. Just in the last two to three years, new businesses have opened, and several pre-existing businesses have grown and expanded. What exactly does this mean for our community? Not only do we have more options for shopping and dining, but we also have added jobs, more contributed tax dollars, and more community involvement.

I can easily attest to the fact that the small business owners in our community are quick to support our local sports teams, our schools, and our 4-H kids. Event planning is an all-year task for each small business, putting on their own events and also collaborating on community events. I personally love to see small businesses working together to provide something fun for our friends and family to enjoy! It’s truly a great way to give back to our community and have fun!!

Saturday, November 25th is Small Business Saturday, I hope you’ll join us in celebrating each of our small businesses. Wondering how to do this? You can simply share social media posts, invite friends to social media pages, shop or dine at each location, purchase gift cards, and leave a Google review, the list is lengthy!!

The support of the community is truly why small business owners get to do what they love doing each and every day! With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s important that we are intentional about our shopping and where we choose to do so. As our world grows bigger, my hope is that our community will continue to strive and grow stronger. We truly are blessed, as a community, to have so many small business owners and friends. It’s hard to walk through the door of any one of these businesses and not feel at home!


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