The Inns at 8th and Main and Cherry Orchards: An Autumn Adventure Worth Taking

Innkeeper, Amy Smith

An Adventure Worth Taking
As Innkeepers and experience seekers, we constantly seek local, unique, hidden gems to share with our guests. Last weekend, we embarked on a delightful autumn adventure to Cherry Orchards, a family-owned and operated orchard in Crooksville, Ohio. Nestled amidst the beauty of fall foliage, Dan and I enjoyed a picture-perfect time apple-picking and strolling through their beautiful landscape.

Cherry Orchards: A Glimpse into Tradition
Cherry Orchards is a family-owned and operated orchard in the heart of Southeastern Ohio, just a short drive from our historic bed and breakfast, The Inns at 8th and Main. This orchard has been a cherished part of the community for generations, and the fruits of their labor are a testament to their love and dedication to their farm.

A Visit to Cherry Orchards
When you arrive at Cherry Orchards, the crisp autumn air and the alluring fragrance of ripe apples, pears, and grapes will welcome you. Be sure to grab some of their freshly squeezed cider as well.

The orchard covers acres of land, with rows of apple trees, each laden with colorful and juicy fruits. Its picturesque landscape provides an ideal backdrop for a romantic stroll for couples holding hands. There are also designated spots to sit and admire the beauty of fall.

Mr. and Mrs. Cherry are always warm and welcoming, providing helpful tips on the best apples for various uses, from baking to snacking. It is also fascinating to learn about the history of the orchard, the different apple varieties they cultivated, and their commitment to sustainable farming practices.

The Joy of Apple Picking
Armed with a bag and expert advice, you will set off on your apple-picking adventure. The feeling of plucking a ripe apple straight from the tree is incredibly satisfying. The apples are vibrant, with hues ranging from deep reds to sunny yellows, and they taste just as delightful as they look.

As you wander through the orchard, you can't help but appreciate the simple pleasures of fall:

  • The rustling leaves
  • The sound of laughter in the distance
  • The sun casting a warm, golden glow over everything
  • It is a sensory delight that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and connected to nature.

A Cozy Stay at The Inns at 8th and Main
After a day filled with apple picking, you will enjoy the accommodations here at The Inns at 8th and Main ( Our historic bed and breakfast is located on a beautifully restored landmark block that